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Frazzled At Forty

Journey with blogger Marc Haynes as he navigates his forties and beyond with the Frazzled at Forty Podcast. Marc explores where he is from and where he is going in life. Often amazed he has made it into adulthood, Marc covers various topics from childhood to the present, family, home, food and drink, society and culture. With a bit of wit and sarcasm, Marc’s commentary on topics will leave you either laughing, commiserating on life’s experiences, or wondering like him, how we are just getting through it all.

Oct 9, 2018

For his 9th Podcast, Marc goes back and first adds on two more embarrassing events from this childhood just to help let you understand how neurotic he is. Next, Marc talks about his travel quirks. Lastly, he expounds on the virtues of the Poo-pouri bathroom spray. He gets it and LOVES IT!