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Frazzled At Forty

Journey with blogger Marc Haynes as he navigates his forties and beyond with the Frazzled at Forty Podcast. Marc explores where he is from and where he is going in life. Often amazed he has made it into adulthood, Marc covers various topics from childhood to the present, family, home, food and drink, society and culture. With a bit of wit and sarcasm, Marc’s commentary on topics will leave you either laughing, commiserating on life’s experiences, or wondering like him, how we are just getting through it all.

Dec 30, 2018

Enjoy this podcast as I recount my Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with a bit of wit, wisdom, eggnog, coquito and Christmas beer! It was a wonderful holiday but I'm still not sure what day it is due to holiday haze....

Dec 22, 2018

Marc first recounts his last night bartending and the reason for his attractively horse voice. He then gets into the main topic, "Holiday Traditions!" What were your traditions? Enjoy! Happy Holidays! 

Dec 12, 2018

Happy Holidays Friends and Family! I spent overnight in Gettysburg this past weekend to see the Christmas lights and visit the historical sites. I spent more time in the antique stores and many taverns and bars! It was a fun weekend nonetheless. :)  In the second part of the podcast, I talk briefly about Christmas...

Dec 5, 2018

In Episode #16, Marc discusses the tradition of giving to charity during the holidays. He first discusses "donating" in someone's name. One should take into account what charities they would like if you are donating in their name. Second, Marc goes through three articles on what are the worst and best charities to give...